Are you a teacher, head teacher, parent, or student interested in the teaching and learning of 21st century skills applied to real-life situations at school? Have your say on teaching and learning 21st century skills at school!

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Access the European overview of 50 initiatives concerned with key competence development in school education.


Webinar: Competence based teaching and learning in practice

11 April 2014 (17:00 CET): How to design and assess learning activities fostering a competence-based approach. Special focus on project-based learning and authentic means of assessment.

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Research related outputs grounded in evidence on key competence development

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Policy related outputs to aid decision making on key competence development

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Introducing the European Key Competence Network on School Education

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KeyCoNet, funded under the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme, is a growing network of more than 70 organizations representing educational stakeholder groups from 19 European countries, focused on improving the implementation of key competences in school education. Learn more about EU policy on key competences.

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